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So I'm supposed to be going to the Trick or Freak concert, the Buckcherry one... My bumpy is supposed to be getting ticket so we can go together... Matthew and I always have an awesome time at concerts... A concert experience with Matthew is absolutely unforgettable... Our first date (and pretty much ONLY date, heh) was at a concert... And Type O Negative at that...
Yeah and I'm downloading George Michael on Steve's computer... LOL... I'm sure he's going to love having that on his computer... :)
And I'm downloading Queen as well... I think that George Michael and Freddie Mercury have totally, absolutely SEXXXY voices... Why is it that the queers always sound hot??? :)
Yeah... And I'm also trying to download Teknowhore (Bile) because I haven't heard that song in a long time... The program I use to download songs at my daddy's house is Soulseek/360 Share and like, once a song is connected I get them in like, two seconds... well a little bit longer, but sometimes like only 45 seconds to one minute... but the selection is quite limited. I can't find a lot of the shit I want, metal that not too many people I know have even heard of... I have been trying to find Pissing Razors everywhere... I can't get them on SoulSeek, and I can't even find them in any CD stores... But I found a few songs on Steve's program, which is called Ares I think... On Steve's program, I can find almost anything in the whole world which is bad ass... But sometimes (a lot of the time) I can't get connected to the other person... Woo hoo... I got both my Bile and my Queen song!!! Schweet...
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