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I got my C.D.'s from Somerset, my BMG music club ones that I ordered assuming that I would never have to pay for them because I was getting evicted from the house, but I guess I am going to have to pay for them somehow. And they are even sending another C.D. there. A NIN one that I'm going to want so I'll have to go pick it up. I'll have to get the good staff to sneak it out to me on afternoon shift, or else rely on my case manager to go pick it up. Hahah. Yeah right, that's funny. I still cannot get a hold of my case manager to give him the paperwork for him and Dr. Bautista to fill out so I can get into the PATH program... Damn. I need them to get these papers!!!
I got the new Killswitch Engage Cd. I really love this band so much... It's like, beautiful metal. Love the lyrics so much.
turning our backs on those who need love
we must not rest while healing is needed
tear down the veil that bars your heart from feeling this
dedicate yourself
give your soul to compassion
with open arms embrace this heart
with open eyes behold the truth
embrace this life
so little time is left
we must be relentless is our pursuit of those in torment
tear down the veil that bars your heart from feeling this
can you reject yourself?
can you feel their agony?
in a world that feeds on disregard
heal the broken hearted.

got new cradle of filth, another killswitch, bon jovi, type o negative. cool.
new music is awesome considering i can no longer rip shit offline. i have to stop "buying" c.d.'s i have no way of paying for. i'm addicted though. i mean come on, they send them before you have to pay for them! that's so not good for someone like me. and they still owe me like, fourteen free ones that i only have to pay shipping and handling on.
i wanna re-purchase the nymphetamine special album i once had my daddy buy me that fuck-stick stole from me when he robbed me of all my c.d.'s and my acoustic guitar Daddy gave me. :( i hate when i'm betrayed. eww.
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