NymPhaTic LoaD (deathlustr) wrote,
NymPhaTic LoaD

To Dear Auntie Sue:

Hmmm... Well... I just now read your comment that you posted April 28th. No, it didn't piss me off. I no longer let other people's uneducated opinions offend me. Because it's not true. I didn't leave my housing because of junk. I'm not currently strung out. Do you really believe I'm such a piece of shit that I would disrespect my parents as much as to use while in their house? I wouldn't. And the Army. Hell yeah I could cut it but they do not take people with a mental health history. For someone that is supposed to be such a good Christian, you sure are pretty judgemental. I'm not on a downward spiral. I have progressed so much. I'm better than I've been in... years probably. I know that, that's what matters. And I believe my father knows that as well.
If you are going to comment in my journal, I'd appreciate it if you wouldn't say that kind of stuff, I'm trying to better myself and try to be less depressed and when a family member has not so nice things to say, I guess I'd just rather they say nothing at all. Thanks.
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