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Dear Aunt Sue,
1. Don't draw your own conclusion. You were wrong.
2. I DO know Christ.... and I am working on that relationship because it is ever-growing. I am a Christian. I'm not saying you should be perfect because of your religious beliefs, I'm just saying that the tone of your previous response was... I don't know... Not nice I'll say. It seemed that you think I'm just a hopeless junkie, and for you, who as you said yourself, does not know me that well, to say I cannot cut something. YOU cut it, so could I. You used to have a pretty close relationship with alcohol, now you are not a heavy drinker (as far as I know). Through Christ all things are possible. Including Ricki's Recovery. Yes, I still slip occasionally. But I'm better than I was...
I left the group home because they had given me the 8:30p curfew... most A.A. meeting start at 7:30-8:00p... They took away something that I feel is pretty damn important to my Recovery, so I made a rash decision and walked out. If I'm in a group home and I'm miserable, taking away what keeps me sober I knew it would be extremely difficult to stay clean. I walked... and things right now are so much better than if I were there right now. I'm grateful for my decision and I thank God all the time that he Blessed me and allowed me to be in my parent's home until I found something better... So yeah. I don't know. I guess I just hate when my family thinks of Junkie Ricki, not who I am today. It sucks.

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