NymPhaTic LoaD (deathlustr) wrote,
NymPhaTic LoaD

This thing is fucking stupid... Dumb livejournal... I have no idea why I would continue to write in something like this... I don't talk to any of the people I once did... I went a different way than everyone else... I decided to become a junkie... and stay a junkie.... for six years... I chose my path... so why would I continue to leave open the past??? That's all this thing is... Past failings, past misery, past acquaintances...
I have now to choose whether I'm going to continue slowly committing suicide, or fucking do something about it instead of just fall further... there really isn't much further down I could go. Either way, leaving open my past isn't going to do me any good...
So now I'll either embrace the evil and forget everything I could/can be...
Or start over completely.
Who knows?
i really don't...
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